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Hull Refugee Week 2015

Hull Refugee Week 2015


Six exciting multicultural events will bring together participants from many nationalities and local people. The events planned so far are:-



Monday 15th June 1:00 pm: the award winning film, ‘When Mary meets Mohammad’ will be shown at Wilberforce Institute for the study of Slavery and Emancipation (WISE). This film tells the story of a Christian women meeting a Muslim man in an asylum detention centre in Tasmania.

Location: WISE, 27 High Street, Hull HU1 1NE




Tuesday 16th June 10:00 to 12:00: This women friendly event organised by Refugee Council celebrates the culture of Somali, Sudanese and Congolese women resettled through the Gateway Protection Programme. A display of arts, crafts and music will entertain participants alongside coffee and cakes. Attendance is by invitation only.




Wednesday 17th June 7:30 to 11:00: Refugee Week Gig at the Adelphi Club. Our target audience will be music lovers with an appreciation of a diverse range of music and desiring to learn more about refugees. Rob Bell, renowned local poet with the History Troupe, will read a selection of his poems on the theme of migration. This event also includes performances by Hekima and the Gherkins.

Location: New Adelphi Club, 89 De Grey Street, Hull HU5 2RU




Thursday 18th June 10:00 am to 4:00 pm: The Refugee Celebration event at Prince’s Avenue Methodist Church is a partnership between British Red Cross, Open Doors and Hull City of Sanctuary. Integration will be promoted through key note speakers and volunteer facilitated workshops where refugees can share their experiences in small, friendly groups. Music celebrating cultural diversity will entertain people inside and out with a talent showcase allowing refugees to demonstrate their considerable entertainment skills. A special lunch plus refreshments will be provided throughout the day. Our Ambassadors, many of whom are refugees, will greet people inside and out, sharing refreshments, and breaking down barriers with local people by providing a welcoming smile.


Location: Prince’s Avenue Methodist Church, 91 Prince’s Avenue, Hull HU5 3QP




Friday 19th June 1:00 pm: Northern Refugee Centre (ARKH) will be having a relaxed get together with a special lunch. This will be an ideal opportunity to meet those involved in the local refugee sector.


Location: Northern Refugee Centre(ARKH), Marvell House, Cranbourne Street, Hull HU3 1PP




Saturday 20th June: Lord Mayor’s Parade. The Refugee sector has been invited to celebrate diversity through participating in the parade. Volunteers, refugees and representatives from all organisations will be encouraged to participate under a banner identifying those involved in making Hull Refugee Week a success. Spectators are fascinated by our large African lady carnival figure that will enthral all as she dances along the route.

Lots of fun events for 2015

Lots of fun events for 2015


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