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Cuts to Refugee Services

We’ll all be feeling the strain of the budget cuts for fiscal 2011, with the recent rise of VAT, planned cuts to public services, and other ways the Coalition Government is looking to shave money from the current UK debt.

Whilst, I’m sure you’ll agree that deficit reduction is necessary (although the pace and scale remains contentious) there are some cuts that seem to us to be disproportionately unfair.

One of the most savage cuts is to programs which support asylum seekers and refugees. The Government, despite their pledge to protect the most vulnerable people in society from the worst effects of the public sector spending squeeze, is looking to cut, around 60% of funding available to asylum seekers and asylum support teams. This will leave asylum seekers with very little help during the claim process, and even less support at the post-decision stage.

One of the many groups we work with, The Refugee Council, is looking for support in campaigning against 60% cuts to asylum support pointing out that both pre and post asylum support will be virtually non-existent once the cuts are enacted.

As a supporter of the work of the Refugee Council, we recommend that our readers/visitors visit the Refugee Council’s campaign page in order to learn more about this cause. We’re not instructing anyone to sign up, but we would be grateful to anybody who is prepared to take a look at their argument and supporting documents for this compelling cause.

Here is a link to the Refugee Council’s campaign page against the proposed cuts to asylum seeker and refugee support.


Visits from pupils of Archbishop Sentamu Academy

ARKH is delighted to welcome year 13 and year 9 pupils to our centre on the 20th and 27th of January respectively. The school is working in conjunction with the Shooting Fish Theatre Company on a special arts project looking at those in need and/or who are marginalised within in our local community and what they can do to support those people. 

It is anticipated that students will undertake interviews finding out about the lives of others and, following this, will spend three weeks making a piece of art work about their discoveries. This might be a piece of writing, a picture or a short radio play for example.

Our volunteers Jeanne Mpenda and Berthin Kimbale have kindly agreed to be interviewed for the first event and Berthin Kimbale and Ali Rasuli will be presenting at the second event.

We can’t wait to see the final outcome of their project – and will look forward eagerly to their return visit on 24 March!