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Recent News

Over the past few days, there have been a lot of things happening at ARKH:

  • We’ve received our new Online Centre hardware
  • We’ve started a new campaign for funding (see: “ARKH Needs You”)
  • We’ve decided to upload, and share, our course resources

Online Centre

It’s still a few weeks away from launch, but we’ve recently received funding to become and Online Centre. This means that members of the public can come along to ARKH and use one of our dedicated computers to gain access to The Internet.

And, yes “The Internet” is a proper noun and thus requires capitalization
– Jamie

If you head over to the UK Online Centres website [LINK], you can find out more about UK Online Centres.

Sharing Course Resources

Over the past few days, Jamie has been uploading all of the presentations used for the three courses that ARKH offers (Employability Skills, It Skills & Understanding UK Workplace Culture) onto the cloud. This means that learners, funders and the public can read through the presentations and gain a little insight into the level of teaching offered at ARKH.

Not only have all of these presentations been uploaded onto the cloud, but Jamie has created pages on the ARKH website with links to each of the presentations (and other course materials). These materials are all being offered “as is” but under a Creative Commons Share Alike licence.

This means that ARKH retains the copyright on all of the materials, but are offering them to all for free. Anyone can use or adapt the materials, as long as they say that ARKH were the original authors.

For more information about the licence we have chosen, you can head over to the Creative Commons Share Alike 3.0 webpage [LINK].

All of these resources can be found on the “Course Resources” page [LINK]


Karl Turner Visit – 8th July 2011

On 8 July we received a visit from Karl Turner MP, Member of Parliament for East Hull, and his assistant/caseworker Mary Cooksey. Karl and Mary received a tour of the centre and were given the opportunity to meet staff and volunteers of ARKH.

Key Issues

Discussing Key Issues

We spoke to Karl about government proposals to reduce funding for ESOL and further reductions to legal aid for asylum cases, a subject which Karl, given his legal background, is particularly familiar with.

We also discussed in detail our recent project with East Hull Secondary School – the Archbishop Sentamu Academy – and our plans to increase our presence in East Hull Schools.

A Successful Visit!

We enjoyed showing Karl and Mary around our centre and having the opportunity to talk about our work and we hope to welcome them back to ARKH in the future.

Karl Meets Volunteers/Directors

Kate Butler

WORAH – Coffee and Cake Morning

Today ARKH had a coffee, tea and cake morning, organised by the Women’s Group WORAH.

We expected our sewing group and computer ladies who come to ARKH on Monday and Tuesday mornings, respectively. Many ladies with their children, from all over the Middle East and Africa came to celebrate Refugee Week with us. This lead to each group demonstrating their dancing skills.

Great fun, laughter, rhythm and cream cakes were had by all.

We were visited by other agencies, who think that we could extend the event for next year; even to the City Hall. We have plans to meet and share the sewing skills demonstrated by the ladies at ARKH. In fact, there is a display of the ladies’ work here (at ARKH), tomorrow. Please come along, we’d love to hear what you think.

Oh! And there is free food all day, cooked by the different nationalities of WORAH. All are welcome. Come for an early or late lunch.


Today, we’ve added a calendar function. You can find the calendar in the links section at the top of the website. We’ve included all of our weekly events, and will be adding other events as and when they are planned.

You can click on the following link to go straight to out calendar page:ARKH Calendar

IT Skills Course

A New Course

Jamie has been working, diligently, to prepare an IT course for asylum seekers and refugees. It’s based on founding new, and building on already established, IT skills in the learner with a focus on employability.

The reason for the course, according to Jamie, is:

In the Information Age, we are far more connected to each other using IT. IT is starting to be the most important way for us to communicate in both our work and personal lives. Those from an asylum background, stereotypically have less understanding in the ways of IT, and as such they find it more difficult to find work in our ever changing, interconnected world.

What Will Be Covered?

Basically, anything and everything relating to both IT skills and Employability. It will cover things like:

  • Using office software suites
  • The basics of E-Mail
  • IT Jargon and what it all means
  • Using The Internet and other web based resources to apply for jobs
  • Staying safe online
  • Finding information about companies before applying to them

As well as these high level topics (high level for those with very little, or no experience of IT or the usage of Computers), the course will cover all of the basics, for instance:

  • Setting up a computer
  • Powering on a computer
  • Getting connected to The Internet
  • What each piece of Hardware does

When Will The Course Start?

At the minute, there is no definite start date. The course will either start on the 30th of May or the 6th of June 2011. Either way, we are taking names and numbers for people who are interested in taking this course.

The course will have a slight “drop in” feel to it, in that each learner has to complete 50 hours of training to complete the course, but can (in effect) come and go as they please.

I’d really like to stress that if people want to attend, then they should try their hardest to make it to the few first days of the course, as a lot of the course relies on understanding the key points and initial jargon. If learners don’t understand these key points, they might not understand parts of the rest of the course.


How Do I Apply For The Course?

There are two ways for you to apply for this course.

  1. Call us – you can call us, on (01482) 214178
  2. Pop in – you can always stop by (there’s a map, here)

Taking either of these steps will allow you to register your interest in this course, and we will let you know when the course is due to begin, and what days it will be on.

Hull Refugee Week 2009 Video Project

Since Wednesday last week, Jamie has been working on uploading the video project for Hull Refugee Week form 2009 onto YouTube. It’s finally uploaded, and there are  embeds at the bottom of this post, so you can watch it without leaving this site, too.


He’s been having problems, because the video is over 35 minutes long with very few cuts or fades. Hopefully, the edit he’s uploaded will have suitable cuts in it. He hasn’t edited anything out, by the way. All he has done it “chopped” it into smaller chunks. this is because YouTube has an upper limit of 15 minutes per video.

Another problem he has been having is that the audio is encoded in a very strange format that only VLC player knows how to decode so he’s had to try and hack his way through the audio and convert it to something more useful.

Good news!

The good news is, it’s been uploaded.

The bad part? It’s been uploaded in 3 parts. The first is a 5 minute introduction, the second is an interview with Hasanain Ali and Nabaz Ibrahim, and the final part is a session recorded with the refugee group Bora Shabaa.

On With The Show!

Below is an embed of part one – the introduction

Below is an embed of part two – an interview

Below is an embed of part three – Bora Shabaa performance

Spin Festival 2011

Brighten up your January with a day of art, drama, music, photography and poetry  in the centre of Hull!


People across Hull are invited to a unique festival of celebration at Hull Truck Theatre on Friday 14 January, 10am – 3pm. The event is free and open to everyone.

Hull City Council’s Supporting People Programme has joined up with the theatre to put on this event, where people who access their services will be sharing their personal journeys through drama, music, poetry, photography, art and short stories.

Supporting People helps vulnerable people in Hull to live independently and access support services to help them engage with activities.

Councillor Stephen Baker, Portfolio Holder for Adult Care, said:

“This event will be a unique chance to get an insight into the lives of people in Hull who have been helped by Supporting People which shows their journey and the positive outcomes they have achieved.”

The people involved are part of the Supporting People User Involvement (SPIN) Group who have accessed support services and help shape the service for other people.

The event is free and open to everyone to enjoy the exhibits and visit the provider stalls; however to see the performances between 10am – 12 noon and 1 – 3pm you will need a ticket. To book your place contact the Supporting People Team on 01482 331 007.