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Recent News

Over the past few days, there have been a lot of things happening at ARKH:

  • We’ve received our new Online Centre hardware
  • We’ve started a new campaign for funding (see: “ARKH Needs You”)
  • We’ve decided to upload, and share, our course resources

Online Centre

It’s still a few weeks away from launch, but we’ve recently received funding to become and Online Centre. This means that members of the public can come along to ARKH and use one of our dedicated computers to gain access to The Internet.

And, yes “The Internet” is a proper noun and thus requires capitalization
– Jamie

If you head over to the UK Online Centres website [LINK], you can find out more about UK Online Centres.

Sharing Course Resources

Over the past few days, Jamie has been uploading all of the presentations used for the three courses that ARKH offers (Employability Skills, It Skills & Understanding UK Workplace Culture) onto the cloud. This means that learners, funders and the public can read through the presentations and gain a little insight into the level of teaching offered at ARKH.

Not only have all of these presentations been uploaded onto the cloud, but Jamie has created pages on the ARKH website with links to each of the presentations (and other course materials). These materials are all being offered “as is” but under a Creative Commons Share Alike licence.

This means that ARKH retains the copyright on all of the materials, but are offering them to all for free. Anyone can use or adapt the materials, as long as they say that ARKH were the original authors.

For more information about the licence we have chosen, you can head over to the Creative Commons Share Alike 3.0 webpage [LINK].

All of these resources can be found on the “Course Resources” page [LINK]


IT Skills Course – Dates

As was posted last week, we are planning an IT course for those of an Asylum or Refugee background. All of the initial information can be found in the post here: IT Skills Course


After a bit of a confab yesterday, we’ve decided that the IT course should start very soon. However, since Jamie is out all of next week (at a conference in London), and it’s a Bank Holiday the week after, the course should begin proper the following week.

The dates for the course, as it stands, are 6th of June 2001 – 9th August 2011.

The course will be split into two 2.5 hour sessions, one on the Monday and one on the Tuesday.

The Monday sessions will take place between 1.30pm and 4.30pm.

The Tuesday sessions will take place between 4pm and 7pm.