The official site for ARKH (Asylum Seekers & Refugees of Kingston upon Hull) / Northern Refugee Centre (Hull and East Riding)

For the past few years, there has been a hoax e-mail floating around The Internet (on message boards, chat rooms, blogs, etc.) which posits that

“Illegal Immigrants get £29,000 in benefits every year while “Pensioners get £6,000 a year.”

We decided that we should tackle the “facts” in this e-mail and provide valid proof as to whether the claims in the hoax e-mail are true or not.

Long story short: Turns out that it’s all false.

We’ve compiled a 6 minute video that contains the facts, along with links to said facts. We hope that this video will help to educate those who are blinded by the fallacies, misrepresentations and un-truths regarding asylum seekers and refugees in the UK.

Here is an embedded version of the video:

The sources used in this video are:

FW: Pensioners v Asylum seekers:-
Viral emails protesting about financial assistance for “illegal immigrants/refugees living in Britain”:-
Current Support Amounts:-
Your Asylum Decision:-


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