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Just a reminder to all UK based readers to re-tune their Freeview systems as of tomorrow.

The Main Point

As we’ve said in an earlier post [LINK], The UK Government is (in affect) switching off the traditional, analogue TV signal. In it’s place, they are providing a digital signal.

The main difference is that the digital signal will be slightly less susceptible to interference, and easier to manage. Thus providing TV viewers with a greater level of service for their TV Licence fee.

From tomorrow (Tuesday 3rd August 2011), part of the signal is being shut down. At the minute, the plan is to remove BBC 2 from the air in it’s analogue form. This means that if you don’t receive a TV signal through a Freeview system or Digital system (for instance, Sky Digital), then you are going to lose BBC 2 tomorrow.

Some TV sets have a Freeview system built in, others don’t. If your TV set has a Freeview system built in (or plugged in separately), then you will have to re-tune your Freeview system.

Although these systems all work the same way (receive a digital transmission; unscramble it; seperate the audio from the video; show the video part while playing the audio part), their menu systems might not look, or even work, in a similar way. Because of that, we will place a link to an official Freeview page on how to tune your Freeview system.

Here is the link [LINK]

What If I Have Sky?

If you have a digital system (for instance Sky Digital, Sky Plus, etc), then you don’t have to do anything. These systems are already tuned into the correct digital signal.

What If I Don’t Have Freeview or Sky?

If you have an analogue TV set – I.E, you don’t have Freeview or a Digital system –  then you will start to lose TV channels from tomorrow onward.

A remedy for this (supposing that you want to continue to receive TV transmissions) is to buy a Freeview system. New TV sets, usually, have a Freeview receiver built into them, or you can buy a Freeview receiver box (they range from, around £20 to £50) and set that up with your TV set.

What’s Next?

Before the end of August, the plan is to have most of the UK switched over to a Digital TV system. For some parts of the UK, this has already happened in its entirety (mostly the West of the UK).

To that end, you’ll also have to re-tune any Freeview boxes on the 17th – 24th of August 2011. This is when the rest of the analogue signal is being switched off. From the end of August 2011, most of the TV channels in the UK will be broadcasting with a digital signal.

This means, that if you don’t have a way of receiving a digital TV signal, then you wont receive anything.

Those Dates Again

Initial switch over (BBC 2 only): 3rd August 2011

Complete switch over (all other channels): 17th – 24th August 2011

More Information

Here are a series of links that can provide you with more information about the digital switch over.

ARKH’s initial post about the digital switch over [LINK]

How to re-tune your Freeview system [LINK]

A map of the UK showing dates of the planned switch over (courtesy of Wikipedia and the Wikimedia foundation), click on it to zoom in on your geographical location [LINK]

More information about the switch over (provided by Digital [LINK]

And Finally

If you don’t watch TV, then this wont affect you.


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