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The Big Switchover

Terrestrial TV

As of Wednesday next week (3rd August 2011), the analogue signal for TV in the UK are being shut down. This has been a long time coming, and (credit where it’s due) we’ve been warned for several years that this was going to happen.

If you receive TV through a satellite system (BSkyB, etc) or through a cable system then the signal you receive is in digital, this does not affect you.

If you receive TV through a Freeview box, then you will have to retune your Freeview box on Wednesday 3rd of August 2011. Otherwise you will lose a whole bunch of channels and services.

If you receive TV through an standard (possibly Yagi) antenna (LINK), then you will need to either get a Freeview box (then retune it) or a digital satellite or cable system. Otherwise you will lose all of the channels and services on your TV.

If you don’t watch TV, then it wont affect you, at all.

That’s not all, though. As you’ll have to retune on the 17th of August 2011 – supposing you have a Freeview box.

This is because the powers that be are “turning the signal” off in two stages. This is to reduce the amount of stress and worry relating to the digital changeover.


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