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IT Skills Course

A New Course

Jamie has been working, diligently, to prepare an IT course for asylum seekers and refugees. It’s based on founding new, and building on already established, IT skills in the learner with a focus on employability.

The reason for the course, according to Jamie, is:

In the Information Age, we are far more connected to each other using IT. IT is starting to be the most important way for us to communicate in both our work and personal lives. Those from an asylum background, stereotypically have less understanding in the ways of IT, and as such they find it more difficult to find work in our ever changing, interconnected world.

What Will Be Covered?

Basically, anything and everything relating to both IT skills and Employability. It will cover things like:

  • Using office software suites
  • The basics of E-Mail
  • IT Jargon and what it all means
  • Using The Internet and other web based resources to apply for jobs
  • Staying safe online
  • Finding information about companies before applying to them

As well as these high level topics (high level for those with very little, or no experience of IT or the usage of Computers), the course will cover all of the basics, for instance:

  • Setting up a computer
  • Powering on a computer
  • Getting connected to The Internet
  • What each piece of Hardware does

When Will The Course Start?

At the minute, there is no definite start date. The course will either start on the 30th of May or the 6th of June 2011. Either way, we are taking names and numbers for people who are interested in taking this course.

The course will have a slight “drop in” feel to it, in that each learner has to complete 50 hours of training to complete the course, but can (in effect) come and go as they please.

I’d really like to stress that if people want to attend, then they should try their hardest to make it to the few first days of the course, as a lot of the course relies on understanding the key points and initial jargon. If learners don’t understand these key points, they might not understand parts of the rest of the course.


How Do I Apply For The Course?

There are two ways for you to apply for this course.

  1. Call us – you can call us, on (01482) 214178
  2. Pop in – you can always stop by (there’s a map, here)

Taking either of these steps will allow you to register your interest in this course, and we will let you know when the course is due to begin, and what days it will be on.


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