The official site for ARKH (Asylum Seekers & Refugees of Kingston upon Hull) / Northern Refugee Centre (Hull and East Riding)

A Short Update


Firstly apologies for the recent dip in activity. We’ve been quite busy here organising several events and getting funding applications in for the next financial year.

New Media

As a few of you will know, we’ve got a Youtube channel. We’ve been uploading videos on topics we find interesting (the myths that surround asylum and refugee status, etc), usually with a piece of music that reflects the mood of the video.

Pro tip: We’ve used music that is protected under the Creative Commons licence. Essentially, that means we’re free to use it in our videos, as long as we give the name of the song, artist and a link to the page we found it on. This is a great way to get licensed music for our videos, without having to worry about a budget. We’re currently using the Internet service called “Jamendo”, check it out


One of the impressive features of Youtube is that it allows you to find out all sorts of information about your submitted videos. One of the best features, in our opinion, is the statistics function. You can find out how many people have viewed your videos and their geographical location when they viewed it. Also, if they where signed in to Youtube you can find out all sorts of anonymous  data on the demographics of your viewers, like age and gender.

Interesting Information?

Since we started uploading our videos we’ve had around 630 views to our channel. That means this page has been loaded 630 times since the 31st of January. Not bad for just under 2 months, eh?

As we’re based in the UK, we haven’t expected our videos to be viewed by many people outside the UK; which makes sense. However, as of this morning (24th March 2011), the Youtube stats page has told us that our videos have been viewed several times by people in Europe and Australia.

I find that particularly interesting. I know that the Internet is a global network, and that we all use it to share information. But videos that we have uploaded that are targeted, specifically for the UK have been viewed on several occasions around the globe.

I worry that some of this has to do with our acronym being similar to that of a recent Batman game, though.


Building Networks

As a direct result of this our, relatively small, charity might be able to create new, global links.

Here’s hoping.


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