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A Polite Warning

Just a quick post, today. This is a polite warning to anyone watching our videos on Youtube.

Information from Jamie Taylor:

Youtube indexes the descriptions and tags on videos to help you find useful and related videos that you might be interested in.

For instance, if you where to watch the trailer or the newest X-Men film on Youtube, it would suggest a slew of X-Men related videos (down the right-hand side of the window) automatically; simply BECAUSE you’re watching a video related to X-Men.

With that in mind, we wanted to make sure that we to distance ourselves firmly from the  videos that Youtube might suggest to viewers, when watching our videos – unless we specifically mention those videos in our videos or descriptions.

There are many useful and informative videos related to asylum seekers and refugees on Youtube, however there are many that are listed alongside our videos that clearly do not espouse the views of ARKH staff, volunteers and service users.

Further information from Jamie Taylor:

After I uploaded our most recent video, and while checking on our current videos, I noticed that Youtube had suggested that I watch a number of videos, some posted by far-right groups, which peddle myths about asylum seekers and refugees. I’d would like everyone to know that we are not suggesting these videos to you, ourselves.

Unfortunately, we cannot select which videos Youtube suggests for our viewers. It’s just the way that Youtube works. If you have a youtube profile, however there is something that you can do.

More from Jamie:

There is a setting, on you user profile settings page called “Safety mode” (Here’s a link to the Youtube help page describing it). Basically, what it does is it filters out from Youtube videos that have been flagged as “potentially questionable”.

For instance, if I enable safety mode and search for videos that I know contain material that is either pornographic; contains offensive language; or racially fuelled, Youtube will remove these from the search results.

This CAN help, but it is not 100% fool proof. This is because it relies on Youtube users telling Youtube management about these kinds of videos.

So, in short: Please note that ARKH are not selecting related videos, Youtube is; and in a small amount of cases Youtube is selecting material that could be seen as offensive.

As a rule of thumb, unless we provide a link directly to a video (via here, Facebook or Twitter), OR it has “ARKHhull” written under it in blue, then it has nothing to do with us.

Be safe.

And here’s a link to our Youtube Channel.


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