The official site for ARKH (Asylum Seekers & Refugees of Kingston upon Hull) / Northern Refugee Centre (Hull and East Riding)

ARKH is delighted to welcome year 13 and year 9 pupils to our centre on the 20th and 27th of January respectively. The school is working in conjunction with the Shooting Fish Theatre Company on a special arts project looking at those in need and/or who are marginalised within in our local community and what they can do to support those people. 

It is anticipated that students will undertake interviews finding out about the lives of others and, following this, will spend three weeks making a piece of art work about their discoveries. This might be a piece of writing, a picture or a short radio play for example.

Our volunteers Jeanne Mpenda and Berthin Kimbale have kindly agreed to be interviewed for the first event and Berthin Kimbale and Ali Rasuli will be presenting at the second event.

We can’t wait to see the final outcome of their project – and will look forward eagerly to their return visit on 24 March!


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