The official site for ARKH (Asylum Seekers & Refugees of Kingston upon Hull) / Northern Refugee Centre (Hull and East Riding)


Now that we have established ourselves (since going live a week ago, this website has generated nearly 400 views) within the on-line community, we would like to invite visitors to give feedback on our site, or goals, causes, objects, mission or anything in between.

If you would like to leave feedback, please do so as a comment (in the box below this post).

Feedback won’t appear instantly, as we have to ‘vet’ each of the comments to make sure that they don’t contain offensive phrases, but as soon as we have vetted them, they will appear.


Comments on: "Feedback" (3)

  1. Pat Didsbury said:

    I think this website is great. How does the census fit into ARKH’s ethos?

  2. Interesting website and great to hear about the excellent work of the group. Some pictures would be great perhaps something about the staff and volounteers that the service employ!

    • We’re currently working on a “People of ARKH” type page, and will be rolling that out, as soon as we’ve decided on the format and style.

      The idea of a photo’s page is a good one, we have (seemingly) hundreds of unsorted pictures on one of the office PCs from the many events that ARKH have taken part in over the years. As soon as we’ve sorted through them, we’ll be putting them up on here. Although, there are a few selected photo’s on our facebook page.

      We’d need to check for permission for a few photo’s (mainly as some people don’t like their picture taken, regardless of dissemination across The Internet)

      Either way, thank you for the feedback, and watch this space ^_*

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