The official site for ARKH (Asylum Seekers & Refugees of Kingston upon Hull) / Northern Refugee Centre (Hull and East Riding)

New Facebook Page


Today, I set up a new Facebook profile for ARKH.

‘A new one!? What’s wrong with the old one?’

There’s nothing wrong with the old one. I had set up the first one as a standard Facebook profile, whereas this shiny new one is a ‘fan’ type one. This means that you can become a ‘fan’ of ours and hold discussions with us and other ‘fans’ of ARKH.

New Media

The first Facebook page (which can found found by clicking here) still works, and will be added to just as regularly as the new Facebook page (which can be found by clicking here). The benefits of the newer page is that we can hold full on discussions with ‘fans’ of ours, and have a forum / chat room set up.

The twitter page (which can be found by clicking here) will also be updated as often as the facebook pages, as well as this site. So, don’t fret if you only have access to one of those 3 sites – and they all link back here.


All I (Jamie) have to do now is increase the visibility of this site on Google and other services, and I’ll have cracked it.

I’m hoping that, within a few weeks, Google will have updated their cache (big list of sites on The Internet), and we’ll appear closer to the top of the list when you search for us.


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